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Twin Towns Of Duisburg

Calais Wappen


Since july 1964 the town twinning exist with Calais. That is a little french seaport (only about 77.000 inhabitants), from which trading and ferry connections pass across the English Channnel and which is very popular as a seaside resort with its wide sandy beach.

Life Saver

Calais has so far (and as I could get into knowledge) no gay or lesbian group, a group from Duisburg could get into contact with. At all the gay scene is diminutive. But anyway a visit of that nice, little town is worthwhile. E.g. especially is to mention the monumental town hall. Also impressive is the long, wide and sandy beach, in the front area lined with uncountable beach cottages. Then follows the also for gays interesting beach sector, with dunes, shadow and protection from views donating bushes and tall sea weed.

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