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Twin Towns Of Duisburg

Vilnius Wappen


Since october 1985 the town twinning exist with the (today´s) lithuanian capital Vilnius. The important industrial and trading town with about 600.000 inhabitants is located in the south-east of the country. Vilnius has a picturesque Old Town, which was honoured as world cultural heritage by the UNESCO. Also the ruins of the castle, the countless and gorgeous churches as well as the oldest university of Eastern Europe, which was founded in the 16th century, should be noted.

Life Saver

In the last years there were several contacts to gay groups of Vilnius. It started in March 1999 with the festival "Ein Blick zu anderen Ufern" in Duisburg. One event was a discussion to the theme: Life Situation of lesbians and gays in the Twin Towns of Duisburg. Deputies of gay and lesbian organizations from Vilnius and Portsmouth attended the discussion. At that time lesbians and gays had very hard conditions in Lithuania. It´s much better today. You can find information to the current situation on the site of GayTimes.

Shortly after in the year 1999 Alex (from HoKuDu e.V. and Christopher FM) visited LGL in Vilnius. At least Carsten and Wulf (from HoKuDu e.V.) made a visit in the year 2005 for a few days as part of a Baltic states round trip.

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